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Teeth Cleaning Now Available!

Cottage Kennel is happy to announce our newest service: Teeth Cleaning. This service can be done while your pet stays with us or just make to make an appointment.

Absolutely no drugs are used on your pet!

Our technique is kind and gentle. The pet simply sits in our lap and we talk and praise them to reassure them. Most pets love the attention and enjoy seeing us. Due to our expertise in handling pets we have had to reject only severely aggressive dogs. There is no charge if we are not able to clean your pet's teeth. There is nothing to lose, so give us a try. Your pet will thank you for it. They look and smell so much better after a cleaning. No more bad breath!

Cost $110.00

Maintenance Program

To provide the best possible care for your pets teeth, you may want to consider our maintenance program. The maintenance program is a complete re-cleaning and polishing of the teeth every month or every two months. This program is especially helpful for those who find it next to impossible to brush their pet's teeth at home. If you can not brush your pet's teeth at least every other day you should seriously consider this affordable program only $20 per month.

$10 off offer not valid on Maintenance Program.


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